Stevenson Alexandre "Alex" Lubin is a law student at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. He has been working with Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley during his student externship which began in January, 2019.

Unearthing Squandered Potential in Venezuela’s Oil Industry: A Tripartite Contractual Approach

Venezuela is reeling from a multitude of woes. Vast swathes of the population have fled to neighboring countries as a humanitarian crisis flares out of control. The Venezuelan oil industry – the economy’s frail linchpin – has not escaped the morass. PdVSA, the state-owned oil company, is crippled by chronic operating mismanagement and resource nationalism.

However, political pressure is mounting for the country’s corruption-smeared leader, Nicolás Maduro. Russo-Cuban good-will and a pseudo-loyal military provide only a slim reed for him to lean on. Furthermore, Juan Guiadó – the constitutionally recognized interim president – has galvanized popular support for a democratic re-boot in Venezuela.

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