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University of Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute Launches New Interactive Data Platform

The University of Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (“EORI”) recently made available to the public a new Interactive Data Platform (“IDP”). The IDP allows users to display and identify oil and gas information from the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Wyoming State Geological Survey, the Wyoming Geological Association, and the Wyoming Pipeline Authority, using an interactive map. Additionally, the IDP allows users to search by location, field name and/or geological formation. The IDP is just the latest resource from the EORI.

The EORI was created by the Wyoming State Legislature to work with the State of Wyoming and Wyoming energy producers to recover stranded oil in depleted oil reservoirs as rapidly, responsibly and economically as possible. The EORI estimates that additional recovery of oil from Wyoming’s depleted oil fields using advanced enhanced oil recovery technology could total more than 1 billion barrels of additional production over the next 20 years. The EORI is primarily focused on the application of new technology through field demonstrations, and supports additional development work to support commercial-scale implementation. The EORI also frequently collaborates with the University of Wyoming’s Carbon Management Institute and the Center for Fundamentals of Subsurface Flow.

The IDP is an outgrowth of the work being done by the EORI. As a web based application, the IDP includes real-time, updated data, which will allow the application to improve and grow over time. Where possible the IDP directs users to the original sources of the information contained in the online application. If you are interested in learning more about the EORI, or about the other projects the EORI is currently focused on, it can be found online at The IDP can be accessed at