Mediation & Arbitration

Alternative forms of dispute resolution like mediation and arbitration often achieve positive outcomes for clients without the time and expense of trial. From contractually-mandated binding arbitration to voluntary pre-dispute mediation, we are well versed in applying the various rules of different forums to benefit our clients. Although we always consider the possibility of trial or binding arbitration, we also recognize and account for the practical costs of litigation on companies and individuals, and we advise on the possible alternatives for early dispute resolution.

Welborn attorneys have served as mediators and arbitrators for a variety of matters, including those relating to oil & gas, mining, water rights, banking, employment and construction.


  • Prevailed in arbitration on a dispute between producer and mid-stream pipeline company regarding financial obligations for construction of gas gathering infrastructure
  • Served as an arbitrator in dispute regarding employment contract and covenant not to compete between employer and physician.
  • Served as an arbitrator in a dispute over the calculation of gas royalties under a settlement agreement
  • Successfully mediated a landowner easement dispute in Teton County, Wyoming
  • Successfully mediated a vehicular accident settlement on behalf of an oilfield industrial client
  • Resolved a complex, family-based dispute regarding property ownership and financial matters
  • Arbitrated a dispute between a buyer and seller regarding rights to certain oil and gas leases under a purchase and sale agreement
  • Arbitrated dispute involving an area of mutual interest provision in an exploration agreement
  • Arbitrated a dispute over rights earned under a farmout agreement
  • Arbitrated a dispute over indemnification obligations under a purchase and sale agreement
  • Served as title arbitrator in a dispute over a large title defect amount for certain oil and gas wells under a purchase and sale agreement
  • Served as mediator and arbitrator in numerous disputes between oil and gas field operator and non-operator parties primarily concerning operational standards issues, charges for services and information disclosures
  • Served as mediator in dispute among multiple parties (gas producers in large producing area, gathering system-plant operator and compressor station operator) involving a myriad of issues, including adherence to operational standards, propriety of charges and planning for post-operation clean-up
  • Mediated numerous oil and gas production site clean-up and environmental responsibility disputes
  • Mediated a mining property acquisition dispute involving due diligence malfeasance allegations
  • Mediated mining property ownership disputes