WSMT has deep experience in water rights and in all matters that involve water, including the generation of hydropower. Our water law attorneys represent industrial clients, municipalities, mining and oil and gas companies, utilities, ranchers and farmers, water conservancies and ditch companies, individuals, and land developers on all issues regarding ground water and surface water rights throughout Colorado – in all seven of the state's water divisions – as well as in Arizona. New Mexico, and Wyoming. We work with Interior agencies and the U.S. Forest Service to handle our clients' issues with water rights and water facilities on federal lands.

With strong experience in the initiation, protection, and transfer of water rights, water rights due diligence, changes in the points of diversion or purpose of use, the purchase and sale of water rights, groundwater permits, and approval of plans of augmentation, our attorneys frequently evaluate and protect the water rights of our clients, and negotiate and litigate water disputes in Colorado Water Court. We strive to resolve matters without the need for lengthy and expensive litigation, but we have the experience and expertise to litigate any matter at the agency, trial court, and appellate levels to reach the best resolution for our clients.

WSMT attorneys have:

  • Represented one of Colorado's largest water rights holders on all matters involving water court applications, oppositions, and appeals. We have also advised and participated in negotiating and drafting complex water-related transactions.
  • Planned, drafted, and testified in support of successful legislation to create a precipitation harvesting pilot program in Colorado.
  • Worked closely with a water district to identify, evaluate, acquire, and adjudicate the water supply for a large development in Douglas County.
  • Represented one of the world's largest copper mining companies with respect to water rights, real estate, environmental, and other matters in New Mexico.