Legal Updates

The COVID pandemic, price volatility, and recent regulatory changes have created financial stress on many E&P Companies as evidenced by an increasing number of bankruptcy filings.   Those providing goods and labor in aid of oil and gas development should be aware of Colorado’s Oil and Gas Lien statute and their right to perfect such a […]

Our recent post, “Gas Agreements Rejected For Not Running With Land,” described decisions of the Delaware bankruptcy courts concluding that upstream producers in Wyoming and Colorado could reject gas gathering agreements, including the gas dedication and minimum volume commitments.  In re Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc., No. 20-11548 (CSS), 2020 WL 6694354 (Bankr. D. Del. […]

The last quarter of 2020 has brought with it two important rulings from the Delaware bankruptcy court. Applying real covenant law in the states of Wyoming and Colorado, the two decisions concluded that the terms of the specific gas gathering agreements at issue did not contain real covenants (covenants that run with the land) and, […]